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Learn more for payday loan instant decision online now

click here to fill out an online form for an instant payday loan with the most important details, immediately receives a loan commitment. It’s easy and often cheaper than applying for a loan at the store.

Often my online banks use the term instant loan to pay back microcredit starting at 1,000 euros, which customers have to repay in equal installments for up to 36 months. The loan may vary in amount and duration also. A fixed definition of how high an instant loan can be or how long it can run does not exist.


Basically, it is possible to replace an installment loan prematurely – so settle the remaining debt in one fell swoop. To do this, borrowers must choose the appropriate option when applying for credit.

It usually takes a few days for the money to be in the account

Until the money has been transferred, it still takes a few working days for most instant loans. For even the online bank must first check whether the borrower is also creditworthy – so whether the credit rating is right. The loan seeker must submit various documents. The immediate loan commitment can still burst if there are problems with these issues.

In order to apply for a loan online, loan seekers usually need to enter the most important personal information and provide information about their income and employer. The form is then sent to the bank. The latter checks the data and additionally the creditworthiness of the consumers by means of a query from Singleton or another credit agency.

Credit without Singleton or colloquially a loan “despite Singleton” does not exist in the instant loan category either. The risk of not getting the money back is too high for the banks. absolutely must be. If you do not know how much credit you can afford, use our loan calculator.

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A Personal Payday loan calculator is always helpful Thu, 11 Jul 2019 12:37:50 +0000 Continue reading "A Personal Payday loan calculator is always helpful"

As Personal Payday loans are currently available on very favorable terms (this is also supported by the calculations of Personal Payday loan calculators), it is worthwhile to use it even if we buy a property for investment purposes . After all, the property has always been a popular investment, despite the fact that the increase or decrease in the value of the apartment depends on where the apartment is.

Types of Personal Payday investments

There are basically two types of Personal Payday investors. One is primarily buying for renovation and the other for publishing . Of course, the two do not rule out each other, as an apartment purchased for renovation may not be sold at the right price, but it can be issued at a good price. Thus, a flat for sale can be rented from a flat for sale. Mainly due to the fact that in Hungary it is also possible to look for housing expenditure in a European comparison.

How long does Personal Payday count as a good investment?

Over the past year, most of the “fresh” money has come to Personal Payday funds, but recent figures have already signaled capital withdrawal.

When buying a property, always be cautious and attentive, depending on whether you are buying an apartment or investing.

Recent Entries

Would you travel around the world? You can also do a loan! Should I switch banks if I get a loan from elsewhere? Plan ahead with rising loan rates! Personal Payday Heritage With Credit: Do You Have To Do It? Too many loans


Personal loan Home Loan mortgage Loan Personal Payday Loans commercial credit car Loan Building Society Credit Have you read this? x Would you travel around the world? You can also do a loan!

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What should be the basic financial objective of a company? Tue, 09 Jul 2019 21:24:59 +0000 Continue reading "What should be the basic financial objective of a company?"

For those who have little relation to financing, they tend to think that the main financial objective of a business is to maximize profits because we must keep in mind that when commercial objectives are established, they establish a type of frame of reference which helps decision-making and if the manager focuses on decision making exclusively for maximum utility, there is a danger that this will not guarantee the company’s future. Since profit maximization is a short-term criterion.

Can you imagine, then, what kind of decisions an entrepreneur could have that had the sole purpose of maximizing his profits?

Of course, the actions that would lead to this goal would be: Reducing costs and expenses, which could focus on the use of cheap and low-skilled labor, use of dubious quality raw materials, maintenance and quality control, high sales prices, limited provision of after-sales services, little investment in advertising and downsizing, and who knows what else.

It is possible that with this type of strategy, the company will initially generate high profits, but do you think that such a situation can be sustainable in the current competitive conditions in the market?

Well, as you are thinking, it would not be sustainable, since cheap, unqualified labor generates unproductiveness and deteriorates quality, the machine uses quickly and the worst thing that customers sooner or later emigrate, that is , run to the competition.

In this way, it is impossible for the company to achieve two important goals: to grow and to remain.

So far, it is very important to note that our corporate culture is too inclined or inclined to focus on reducing costs and expenses when there are two more important alternatives under the basic financial objective; these are:

Income generation and resource management. And this is because the cost reduction has a limit while the other two alternatives offer a lot of options.

Let’s look at an example of a company that practices the strategy of reducing costs and expenses to increase profits and that this company serves its market with several products and at any time decides to abandon several of them to devote to produce the most lucrative. With this strategy, it is likely to improve short-term profits, but it could open up the possibility of competition taking advantage of the space represented by the neglected market with less profitable products and directing a penetration strategy towards other customers, which in the long run would mean loss of market penetration with consequent effects on profits.

This decision to eliminate product lines should go beyond mere consideration of the utility they produce and should include other factors of a strategic nature that could lead the company to accept the sacrifice of short-term profits to ensure long-term permanence and growth.

Seen all above, we can conclude the following:

The basic financial objective, understood as the maximization of utility, does not guarantee the company’s permanence and growth. Maximizing profits alone is a short-term concept. Profiting must be based more on a long-term strategy than on the uncontrolled exploitation of the different opportunities that the market offers to the company.

The basic financial objective should be seen from a long-term perspective, since in many cases it is possible that utility sacrifices in the short term will help ensure permanence and growth.

All these wrong practices in relation to the basic financial goal, make many entrepreneurs who, in search of optimum profits, do not mind sacrificing quality and customer service. With which they motivated the failure of their companies. If this is your case, it is still time to correct and apply smarter strategies to maintain your company.

Even if you want to start a business and do not have enough money for it, maybe your option is to take out a loan. For this, count on the Financial Group! Online personal loan fast, easy and without red tape only with the Financial Group!

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What is the Financial Advice Really To Do? Mon, 08 Jul 2019 21:13:24 +0000 Continue reading "What is the Financial Advice Really To Do?"

I have been planning an article for a long time on the role of financial advisors in your life! In fact, we are talking about a nepper, a financial products distributor, or a legitimate value-added specialist? It is a very interesting question, because we cannot go beyond the experience of society that had to suffer in a negative sense in the mid-2000s. The real question is: Financial advisory in Hungary? If so, what are they doing now? How can they help you?

Financial Advice Summary of various services in Hungary. The man on the street is unable to distinguish the product (also) mediator from who he pays for his advice. In the same way, one who advises a company on behalf of a company is called a consultant in a uniform manner, as is the product of several companies (so-called independent financial advisors).


The most widespread financial advisor is the intermediary of the products

There are basically two main lines to distinguish. In one case we pay for the advice, in the second case we buy for the advice. The former case in theory means that the financial advisor cannot talk about specific products, he cannot give an offer – the advisory fee of 20-30-40 thousand forints per hour for his ordinary financial management advice. In the second case, however, counseling is free of charge for the client, as the advisor can provide the client with specific offers and solutions, which he then becomes entitled to commission on a commissioned basis. So in the second case, the consultant was paid by the financial service provider for his own profit on the product that the customer pays as a cost.

Is the consulting product really more expensive? The first negative experience for society was expensive mediated products. To this day, people think that if they go to a financial service provider (see insurance), they will get a cheaper product. This experience was real 5-10-15 years ago. However, as a result of enormous market competition, the MNB regulatory environment, and educational financial sites such as IFL, consultancy products are basically at the same price as market products, often the same products. Exclusive offers have some extra benefits in the context of a particular business agreement, the amount of which is always decided by the volume discount.

What does financial mean as financial advice?

A financial advisor can be either dependent or independent when he / she mediates a product. An independent financial advisor can bring the products of several financial service providers to the customer. However, there is a so-called allfinancial financial advice that is already exiting from the financial sector (insurance sector, banking sector or housing savings sector) and can meet customer needs with sector-specific advice and products.

Finance is a much more complex matter than talking about where to get insurance and where to pick up your credit. Allfinanz’s financial advisor is trying to provide a solution to this complex problem by being able to transfer loans as well as in relation to housing savings or retirement. This complexity is practically the same as the financial advisors we pay for.

So what’s the difference? These two more complex layers of counseling approach the question from a completely different direction. The paid advisor says he understands the relationship with the client and asks for money for everything. And an allfinan financial brokerage advisor says that you should not just talk about the relationships but actually help the client to make the best possible decision for himself.

Then why are they saying bullshit? It is often argued that anyone who mediates a product can no longer be independent, since it is in the interest of selling the product. It really is. It is also in the interests of the intermediary to sell as an advisor to whom we pay for his services. In the second case, you should not sell the product yourself, but you should be able to make sure you pay it before you make a pension savings, instead of talking to the difference between products with an allfinanz broker.



The key is strategic thinking

There are many financial advisors on the market. Nor can it be said that within a given definition (eg financial advisor), everyone would represent the same quality or approach. If we stay with the financial advisor (the number of which can reach 10,000 in Hungary), we must understand that there are those who work as a sales agent for a product group, while there are those who have the same theoretical and practical knowledge (or better) ) tell the customer as a paid advisor, only here is it possible to conclude the contract in one place, helping you in the election and conducting the business.

Yet very few think so! Fluctuation is amazing in the financial advisory business. This fluctuation is present in other professions, but due to the responsibility and seriousness of the profession, it is more prominent than, say, the removal of a shelf service from the area. This is because it is ultimately about people’s future and finances. An irresponsible decision or advice may throw people back for years, decades, or more than they can.

Responsibility is still a very small way of thinking! In my reading, the financial advisor must take moral responsibility even if the law in force does not provide for it. Moral responsibility means that I can assume the responsibility for the product or advice I have offered for 5-10 years, and I can protect its legitimacy if necessary. This can only be accomplished if the financial advisor acts in good faith at all times of his or her career and sees this field as a profession. Unfortunately, in reality, the huge fluctuation has a great deal to do with the “hope of quick enrichment”.



Commissions orientation can be a disadvantage and a blessing

Unfortunately, in 2018, we still have the same experience as in 2010. If you want to earn money quickly as a 18-20 year old, you have to go to real estate or play a financial advisor. Typically, there are two areas that have a very low entry limit, practically anyone can start without risking anything. And the loyalty of commissions obscures quality and longevity.

The systems are built when the professional and moral level of the young person is discovered on the go. On the other hand, due to the constraint on commissions, he is still in the role of financial advisor until the time of “professional dissolution”. It is obvious that you should not call yourself a financial advisor at this time, and it would be less likely to help people make financial decisions. Yet it happens, the cover of which is always a very comfortable and bright suit. Because suit suits expertise and seriousness to anyone.

However, commission can be an advantage for the customer! Think of the customer as a solution to your financial problem or your financial desire. In this case, you must make a contract with a financial service provider. Then why pay for counseling if there is one who can tell the same about the product and can give advice in strategic thinking? There is a tight layer in this area in Hungary who work for commissions, but work in the long term with the appropriate moral and professional knowledge!

The commission promotes joint cooperation in the long run. Think logically that there are all-financial financial advisors who live on commissions. The commission always arrives after the concluded contracts, not sitting behind a table, practically independent of performance and quality in the form of a monthly payment. If the advisor does not have up-to-date information, is not morally correct, then the clients will not return to it and will not recommend it again. In this area, it is physically impossible for 5-10-15 years to bring up cold customers every month. So in the long run, two types of financial advisors can make a living from a commission:

  1. who is the highest man and represents professional quality
  2. who has built a serious business in this area, where many financial advisors work “underneath”

Can a financial advisor be an ABC?

They are often brought to the attention of allfinanz financial advisory firms to operate as ABCs, with the most typical business organization functions:

  1. constantly organize members
  2. they work for commission
  3. financial advisors are actually product distributors
  4. always the top levels are the best
  5. wannabe transmit a sense of life

For me, ABC is a company where members are also consumers. So the revenue and turnover of the company depends on the regular purchase of the members. Here, they perform typical distributor tasks, as the ABC company has its own product that can be expanded by amateur “retailers” using their knowledge and communication channels.

It follows that, because of the activities of an allfinancial financial advisory firm, there can be no ABC as well

  • they have no own product
  • its turnover does not depend on the purchases of its members. Indeed, in many places, members are explicitly forbidden to be tied and commission restrictions imposed on them
  • financial advisors are not product distributors, but rather qualified, financial market intermediaries
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What Does Credit Score Score? Mon, 08 Jul 2019 12:39:00 +0000 Continue reading "What Does Credit Score Score?"

Having a good relationship with financial institutions results in some benefits in credit lines for the consumer. Who does not want to have “credit in the square”? Changing in kids means separating the good from the bad payers!

The main way to do this is through the Credit Score. This analysis allows better “filtering” of the customers for whom the credit companies will provide their services. At bottom, what is at stake is the probability of default that is always bad for both parties and harms the economy as a whole.

Follow here to know how to have a good score! It’s not that hard…

What is credit score?

What is credit score?

The credit score is simply a “score” assigned to the consumer by financial institutions. Before being benefited with a financing, credit card or any other form of loan, the banks, stores and financiers do a check of the client’s risk profile. It looks, for example, if he has or already had his name listed, if he pays the bills on time, if he borrows frequently, etc.

In short, this score indicates the level of confidence that this consumer conveys about the ability to pay your debts on time. The higher the score, this means that he honors with his commitments and has good financial health.

How do I know my score?

How do I know my score?

The score can be seen by the consumer in the act of some financing or opening of store credit. It is also possible to consult the score for free on the SERASA website, with a very simple and quick registration. The score ranges from 0 to 1,000, and the greater, the easier it will be to obtain credit lines in financial institutions.

Even people who have never been “negatived” can have a low score by constantly delaying their bills. And that makes all the difference when it comes to making some longer-term financing for the purchase, for example, of automobiles or real estate. The logic is quite simple: the lower your score, the greater the chance of getting a loan with lower interest rates.

Keeping a good credit score does not only depend on how much you buy, but especially if you pay, or rather, how you pay your bills …

How to increase credit score?

How to increase credit score?

Although many financial companies take more into account the history of the negative, the credit score is still considered the best analysis tool to grant greater credits to the consumer.

Note that the consumer can also proactively reverse the situation and increase the score of his score. Here are some tips.

  • Avoid debt accumulation;
  • Do not do lots of installments at the same time;
  • Negotiate major pendulums;
  • Try to pay the installments on time (and, of course, avoid interest!);
  • Make sure you use your credit card, but do not let your limit go down.

Ah! And do not forget to do your positive registration! You must authorize the tracking of your data …

We have seen, therefore, that maintaining a good credit score does not only depend on how much you buy, but above all if you pay, or rather, how you pay your bills … Always make “safe purchases”, that is, those that you know you can pay without compromising most of your monthly budget.

By following our tips, you will notice through online consultations that your average will stay above the standard for your age group. And best of all: you’ll have access to larger credit limits and lower interest rate loans!

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Personal Payday Loan: Learn all about this benefit! Thu, 04 Jul 2019 21:28:01 +0000 Continue reading "Personal Payday Loan: Learn all about this benefit!"


Good Finance bank

Good Finance bank

Focusing on offering lower interest rates and more agility in applying for credit.

Banco Good Finance has interest rates of around 2% per month . Recalling that Personal Payday interest rates have a ceiling of 2.10% per month.

Learn more about interest rate in this article: Low Interest Rate Loan: Understand the Reasons

Good Finance also provides customers with a practical way of performing services

Good Finance also provides customers with a practical way of performing services, which is done through the digital medium . This is a way that many institutions are deploying to minimize bureaucracy and attract customers seeking greater secrecy in the process.

Banco Good Finance also offers the consigned card . Like the loan, the card is available for public servants, military of the Armed Forces, retirees and pensioners of the INSS.

With the card, those who are in need of credit get extra money with more advantageous conditions.

Learn more about paycheck card: Paycheck card: What it is, how it works and what advantages

Documents required for hiring

Documents required for hiring

The hiring of Personal Payday loans at the Good Finance bank requires very simple documents, which reduces bureaucracy in the procedure. Check out:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of payment of the INSS retirement or pension;
  • Proof of address.

Advantages of hiring for bread

Advantages of hiring for bread

Check out the advantages that Good Finance bank offers in contracting the Personal Payday loan:

 Available for negative

 Available for negative

People with a restriction on the CPF can look for the Personal Payday loan Good Finance, since it does not have a credit analysis , such as the consultation with the protection agencies, Serasa and SPC.

In addition, no scoring of the score is done . In this way, if you look for a loan to just clean the name by clearing your debts, the Good Finance may be an option. Speed ​​of approval

Because the bank offers the loan online through correspondent applications and sites, approval is quicker, since customer data verification is done automatically. This type of process allows you to have total autonomy through your credit application process

On Personal Payday loan payable and assignable margin, read more at: Margin Payable: what is it, how to calculate and what are the advantages?


Since the Personal Payday discount is automatic, it is not possible to cancel . Therefore, it is important to reorganize the expenses with the remaining amount of the income, so that the debt does not affect your budget.

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Your reputable non-private credit loan | Guaranteed free, risk-free online loan. Mon, 17 Jun 2019 13:05:02 +0000 Continue reading "Your reputable non-private credit loan | Guaranteed free, risk-free online loan."

Seriousness is the top priority with this financing

There are many reasons for financing without private credit bureau, and even small entries in the private credit bureau often prevent lending. Even if these entries are not always up-to-date, or reflect the actual credit rating. Of course, there are many other reasons that make a loan without private credit bureau necessary.

The most important thing in financing without private credit bureau is serious credit processing, whatever the reason for this form of financing. Trust in our 5-star guarantee.

  • 100% non-binding

Your loan request and your loan offer for financing without private credit bureauauskunft is for you at any time without obligation. Only when you have received and checked the loan offer you decide freely whether you want to accept the loan or not.

  • Guaranteed Free

There are guaranteed no costs for the preparation of the offer and the provision of credit. The financing without private credit bureau always takes place without any pre-cost. It does not matter if you accept the offer or not. Or possibly a financing is not possible.

  •   Highest competence

Many years of experience in providing credit, and the best contacts to the banks characterize our cooperation partners. Even in difficult cases, a private credit bureaufreie funding is therefore possible.

  • Reputable transaction

You receive a concrete and easy-to-understand loan offer, with all legally required information. The decision whether to accept the offer or not is up to you. They are pushed to nothing and decide peacefully from home.

  • Quick processing

Once the signed loan request has been received by our partner, your best credit offer will be determined. Latest within 24 hours. You will receive your offer immediately by post. Usually within a day.

Beware of dubious business practices

The private credit bureaufreie financing is unfortunately abused again and again by dubious credit intermediaries to play with hope. If you have a desperate debtor on the hook, then he will still pull the last penny out of his pocket.

Time is trying to make the loan seeker to nonsensical contracts for insurance policies and Bauspar contracts, allegedly to facilitate lending or accelerate. Or it should be pre-cost to obtain the loan or the loan agreement. Also, an allegedly non-binding signature on a loan application is at one time a binding credit agreement with usury interest of over 20% annual interest.

  • Other benefits with the loan without private credit bureau

    Strictly confidential and discreet

Neither your house bank nor your employer learns of the loan without private credit bureau. Even the payment is completely neutral by postal order. Complete without private credit bureau For your financing, neither information is obtained from the private credit bureau, nor made an entry in the private credit bureau. No negative effects No private credit bureauauskunft means future financing is not difficult because your private credit bureauscore does not change. Also, you do not have to worry about negative effects on existing loans. Even in difficult times Due to the simple allocation guidelines, lending is mostly possible. Even if other providers have already rejected financing. Cheap without private credit bureau After your signed loan application has reached our cooperation partner, your cheapest loan offer will be determined immediately. No usurious interest but only fair conditions characterize this loan without private credit bureau. Flexible use You are in no way limited in the use of your credit. You alone decide what you want to use the loan for.


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Younger people ask for more loans without collateral for a car and seniors for liquidity Sun, 09 Jun 2019 13:04:18 +0000 Continue reading "Younger people ask for more loans without collateral for a car and seniors for liquidity"

According to the latest Bogbank study, most of the loans without endorsement requested are for home renovation, regardless of the age range that requests it. Where we can find generational differences is in the second purposes for this type of financing. While millennials are the ones that most opt ​​to apply for loans to buy a car (mostly used), the boomers and the so-called Silent Generation (born between 1925 and 1964) usually request them to obtain liquidity.

Young people in search of the best loan to buy a car

Millennials are the second generation that most resorts to requesting a personal loan, claiming 37% of the requests, according to the 2016 report of Bogbank. This generation that had everything in childhood and lost it after the crisis of 2008 has learned forced marches to save on their purchases by getting the best deals.

This bias towards cheaper purchases has made millennials experts in the search for second-hand products. The clearest example is its tendency to buy second-hand cars, given the savings they represent compared to new vehicles.

In addition, the request for personal loans for this purpose demonstrates the intention of getting the best financing for a useful purpose such as obtaining a vehicle. By means of the comparison you can find the best credit offers for cars:


Loan Quantity Cost Advantage I’m interested
Car Loan Yoabank From € 3,000 to € 50,000 From 6.95% TIN (7.18% APR)
  • It has no commissions
  • It has no connections
  • Without changing bank
  • Money in account in 48 hours
Apply for
Bankil Car Project Loan From € 4,000 to € 15,000 From 5.95% TIN (6.12% APR)
  • No commissions
  • No linked products
  • Without changing bank
  • Money in 24 hours after being approved
More information

The three loans in the table lack opening and study fees, in addition to not having links that keep us tied to the entities and that can add an additional annual cost. These aspects are highly valued by all customers, especially the youngest ones.

The purpose of the loans without common guarantee at any age is the reform

Although each age group differs in the second most sought after purpose for a loan, the main objective of the search for financing is independent of the generation. It is about loans for home renovations.

The increase in spending on home renovations has been 5.2% so far this year, according to the study by the consultancy Arthursen for Andimac, the National Association of Distributors of Ceramics and Building Materials.

As can be inferred from the study data, all Spaniards have learned from the real estate bubble and we have accepted that it is often more profitable to reform your home than to acquire a new one. All this despite requiring funding to start this project in our home, but with the good fortune that banks offer several loans without endorsement if we have the right profile

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Master Card | Good Credit Mon, 20 May 2019 12:11:49 +0000 Continue reading "Master Card | Good Credit"

Super special credit card, which is an exclusive product for retirees and pensioners of the INSS.

The Master credit card aims to offer financial services that make life easier and give your consumer audience more security.

Master Card is ideal for:

  • Beneficiary for child support;
  • Beneficiary of care assistance for the elderly;
  • Beneficiary of the assistance to the disabled person;
  • Beneficiary due to disability, contribution time, length of service and other profiles.

Order your card:


How does Master Card work?

The card has the MasterCard banner. With it, the consumer has access to the consigned credit line, with monthly invoice amount directly debited in the payroll or the benefit, more competitive interest rate and exemption from annuity.

It is also possible to make purchases, in the credit function, in more than 1.8 million establishments in Brazil that accept the MasterCard.

Advantages of Master Card

  • No annuity fee;
  • Without consultation with SPC / Serasa;
  • Payroll discount;
  • Best market interest rates;
  • Cash withdrawals at Cirrus Network and Banco24Horas.

Advantage Programs


The purchasers of BMG cards also have access to the Advantages loyalty program, which converts purchases and withdrawals into points to be redeemed and exchanged for benefits.

Each time the customer uses the card, he accumulates points that can become discounts, prizes, travel, among others.


MasterCard Astonishing

The Surprise program generates direct benefits to users who pay for purchases with MasterCard cards. To participate, simply register the card on the website of the program.

After registration, each transaction, of any value, becomes worth one point. Points can be exchanged for products and services offered by program partners.

Request your card:


Learn more about credit card and credit options:

»Learn how credit card works

»Compare Credit Card Interest Rate and Personal Loan

” Needing money? Know alternatives to credit card and overdraft

»10 Reasons to Choose Credit at Good Credit


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Understand how credit card works Sat, 18 May 2019 21:10:52 +0000 Continue reading "Understand how credit card works"


Good finance tells you all about credit cards: what types, rates, payment options and more!

The credit card allows the electronic payment of purchases, bills and services, all over abroad (international credit card) and is part of the daily lives of many people.

Anyone who is thinking of purchasing a card or already uses it and has doubts about how credit card works will find details about this electronic payment system here.

Credit Card: Understand how it works

Credit Card: Understand how it works

Every card has a credit limit pre-approved by the bank and can be used in accredited establishments, that is, where it has “card machine”. Most shops now accept credit cards.

To have a credit card, it is not necessary to have a bank account. However, it is more common to release the credit card for those who are an account holder.

There are banks that offer the credit function in the debit card, allowing the consumer to use both functions (debit and credit) on a single card.

The stipulated limit for the credit card, in reais, is in accordance with the income and consumer behavior ( credit score score ). The total limit of the credit card can be used without rules, even, in a single purchase.

It is important to remember that credit card installments compromise the limit (partial or total, according to the amount spent on purchases), which is released after the payment of the invoice, usually within 2 business days.

Credit Card: Types and Fees

Credit Card: Types and Fees

The Central Bank classifies the credit card into two categories :

  • basic credit card , which is the one used only for payment of purchases, bills and services;
  • differentiated credit card , which in addition to the function for payment, has benefits and / or rewards such as discounts on purchases, mileage programs, travel insurance, personalized service abroad, among others.

In relation to the tariffs that can be charged to the credit card, still according to the Central Bank, are the following:

  • annuity ;
  • issuance of duplicate of the card , for its use in the drawing of money, for its use for payment of bills (for example invoices and billing of products and services);
  • request for emergency assessment of the credit limit .

Services considered “differentiated” by regulation may also be charged:

  • sending an automatic message related to moving or posting to the payment account linked to the credit card;
  • plastic credit card in customized format;
  • provision of second-line credit card.

Credit Card: monthly statement

Credit Card: monthly statement

By means of a monthly statement (credit card invoice), the customer monitors all purchases made with the credit card, in addition to installments, fees and charges.

The following information should be included in your credit card statement:

  • Full and available credit limit;
  • Expenses incurred in the specified period;
  • Indication of the portion being collected (in the case of installments purchases);
  • Charges for services used, such as withdrawals with a credit card;
  • Rate of interest of the revolving credit (minimum payment);
  • Total Effective Cost (CET) of credit operations subject to hiring.

Credit Card: best day of purchase

Credit Card: best day of purchase

The best day of purchase is known as the date when the next due invoice is closed, meaning new purchases will be charged on the subsequent invoice.

You need to do this tracking to plan your credit card expenses and avoid surprises.

But how do you know the best day to purchase your credit card? There is no rule. The only procedure that is the same for all credit card companies is that closing the invoice occurs days before it expires.

To find out what is the best day to purchase your credit card, contact your card administrator.


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