Personal Payday Loan: Learn all about this benefit!

Good Finance bank

Good Finance bank

Focusing on offering lower interest rates and more agility in applying for credit.

Banco Good Finance has interest rates of around 2% per month . Recalling that Personal Payday interest rates have a ceiling of 2.10% per month.

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Good Finance also provides customers with a practical way of performing services

Good Finance also provides customers with a practical way of performing services, which is done through the digital medium . This is a way that many institutions are deploying to minimize bureaucracy and attract customers seeking greater secrecy in the process.

Banco Good Finance also offers the consigned card . Like the loan, the card is available for public servants, military of the Armed Forces, retirees and pensioners of the INSS.

With the card, those who are in need of credit get extra money with more advantageous conditions.

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Documents required for hiring

Documents required for hiring

The hiring of Personal Payday loans at the Good Finance bank requires very simple documents, which reduces bureaucracy in the procedure. Check out:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of payment of the INSS retirement or pension;
  • Proof of address.

Advantages of hiring for bread

Advantages of hiring for bread

Check out the advantages that Good Finance bank offers in contracting the Personal Payday loan:

 Available for negative

 Available for negative

People with a restriction on the CPF can look for the Personal Payday loan Good Finance, since it does not have a credit analysis , such as the consultation with the protection agencies, Serasa and SPC.

In addition, no scoring of the score is done . In this way, if you look for a loan to just clean the name by clearing your debts, the Good Finance may be an option. Speed ​​of approval

Because the bank offers the loan online through correspondent applications and sites, approval is quicker, since customer data verification is done automatically. This type of process allows you to have total autonomy through your credit application process

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Since the Personal Payday discount is automatic, it is not possible to cancel . Therefore, it is important to reorganize the expenses with the remaining amount of the income, so that the debt does not affect your budget.

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